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Magento 2 – Development – Part 2: Creating a new module

This article will go the process and requirements of creating a new Magento 2 module. There are allot of articles out there discussing creating your first module that’s because there is a number of ways of doing this and each Developer has there own preference for manageability. At boxleaf Digital this is our preferred way to make code manageable.

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Using composer to manage web projects

How to use composer properly. Composer is a package management tool for PHP. Helping you declare and manage your projects library dependencies.

Unlike Operating systems such as Linux and MacOsx, composer is NOT a package manager such as systems like YUM, APTITUDE, APT or HomeBrew.  But more of a project by project basis dependency manager, since everything is installed within the ./vendor directory and not a global scale.

Composer however does have a global dependency section though, this is more to assist with the project dependencies.

So if you have a project whether that be a framework or a custom PHP application. Whilst either of these can have requirements you can tell composer to require these libraries within. Whilst have it manage there dependencies as well as the projects dependencies.

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Magento 2 – Development – Part 1: Install with composer

This blog and video series is going to take you through the fundamental basics of developing with Magento 2 based around the 2.3.* version, though the practices learned should all be compatible with earlier versions also.

Though this series is for beginners with the Magento 2 framework, it does consider you have already gained some knowledge about using command line tools, and PHP.

So to get all the benefits of Magento 2 we are going to discuss how to install it, but how to do it the right way, to comply with magento’s best practices.

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